How do I succeed as a parent of teenagers and young adults?

The Guelph Parenting Conference offers resources, information and skills to support parents of teens and young adults.  We will successfully equip parents to build relationships while navigating the challenges of parenting teenagers to young adults.
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Is This You?

I carry my wallet with me everywhere I go.

I check the liquor cabinet regularly to see if anything is missing.

I spend sleepless nights wondering where my child is.

I'm intimidated by my child's anger or rage.

I'm embarrassed by my child's appearance and foul language.

I'm tired of feeding and cleaning up after my child and his friends.

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Has This Happened To You?

I'm tired of getting calls from the school or police.

I feel helpless, and fear for my child's future.

I sometimes feel like a failure as a parent.

I feel blamed by the schools, therapists, or family.

I tell lies to cover up for my child's behaviour.

I don't seem able to connect to my son.

My child frequently disrupts our family’s routines.

I did everything the experts told me to do, no luck.

My spouse and I don't agree on parenting.

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Is This Your Child?

Your son stays out all night and sleeps all day.

Your once happy daughter is now sullen and withdrawn.

Your son leaves his room only to meet his dealer.

Your daughter is promiscuous.

Your child's friends hang out at your house and steal from you.

Your son smashes holes in the walls.

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